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Writing Services:

I'm Rodin, creator and writer of The War Blog.

I'm a skilled writer and a rigorous reader and I've been writing almost every single day for close to two years now. I started with writing marketing and sales content and eventually moved on to writing my own blogs and social media content. 

So, what can I do for YOU?

Through my experience with:

-Writing marketing and sales content

-Studying Psychology and Persuasion

-Working inbound sales

-And writing my own blogs and content...

I've learned how to write compelling and persuasive content that gets and holds the attention of readers and ultimately converts them into customers for your business.

You could be struggling right now with your email marketing, not converting any readers into buying customers.

Or failing to get people's attention on social media and leading them to your page.

These are common bottlenecks businesses have, and can easily overcome, through persuasive writing.

I'll help you overcome these obstacles and ensure your written marketing helps you grow your business.

If you're interested in working with me, send me a DM on X, or contact me via email.

I'm looking forward to helping you grow your business!

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What Do I Offer?

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Blog Posts

I'll write long-form blog posts about subjects that your readers are interested in. They will be captivating and use persuasion and emotion to make the reader want to take action on the subject.

Blog posts are both for entertaining and informing people because you can't inspire people and improve their lives without doing those two things. If you're interested in how I write my blogs then make sure to check out them out here.


To get people to read what you write, watch your content, or buy your products, you first have to get them to your platform on a recurring bases. One of the ways to do this is by an email list. This informs your most loyal customers of new content, products, or important information. Email marketing campaigns are also excellent ways to promote and hype up what you want to sell.

Social Media Content

To get people to look at your website, where your long-form content or your products are, you first need to get their attention through your social media. By making short content that interests the people you want to attract, making them curious and wanting to find out more, you lead them to your website or page where they can devour your long-form content and buy your products.


Examples of the content I can write in the form of emails and short-form content:

Contact me:

I'll get right back to you!

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