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Why violence is a virtue. (The violent reality of the world)

Violence is mostly seen as a negative thing. The use of violence is never seen as good. Conflicts are always better to be solved by talking and reasoning than by holding a Mexican standoff. This is absolutely how it should be, violence should always be the last of the last options you use to get what you want. But it would be naive to think that it would never come to that point, or that someone else would give you no choice but to go there. There are bad people that walk around in this world, we are never going to get rid of them, despite some people still believing in some dreamland where we all love accept and respect each other. The bad people who roam this earth are the most likely out of all of us to use violence and initiate violent altercations. Yes, this is a very negative thing, but then the question remains: If they are going to use violence anyway, what can we as good people do about it? A thing that most people do not understand is that the only way to neutralize violence is by using violence of your own. In this blog, we’re going to discover why violence is actually a virtue and why I would advocate for and even believe it is necessary for everybody to become better at violence. To understand why violence can be positive, let’s first classify what violence actually is.

What is violence?

Before we go into why violence is actually a good thing, we need to classify first what we mean by violence. Right now you may have the wrong perception of violence, or at least an incomplete one. Violence is on a spectrum, and it could be as low as punching someone, to as high as a mass shooting. We can classify all of this as violence. What we do not classify as violence is words. By violence, we mean the use of physical force through the use of your body or a weapon.

What most people do not understand but is very important to know is that the entire underpinning of our civilized society is violence. The only reason you comply with the law is because there is a threat of violence. Take a parking ticket for example, most of us pay the parking ticket not because we want to, we pay it because if we don’t it might result in violence. If you don’t pay your parking ticket for a while, the fine increases. This happens until they start a legal process, if you don’t show up to this legal process, then violence will occur. You’ll get picked up by the police to send you to jail, and if you refuse you will forcefully be taken to jail. Violence happens when you don’t pay the fine, maybe not instantly, maybe after a period of a few years, but it will occur, and unconsciously everybody is aware of this. This is the real reason you actually pay for the ticket. If you were given a fine for a parking ticket, but if you didn’t pay it they could do nothing to you, would you pay it, or would you just ignore it? Of course, you’d simply ignore it, because there would be no physical consequence if you didn’t pay it. The only reason people comply with the rules of society is because eventually there will be some physical consequence for breaking them.

Violence can be used as stated above to enforce the laws, it could also be used to force a person to do something, it can be used to knock someone out so that they can’t use any violence on you, or it could be used to receive what you desire by force. What we’ll find out later on is that violence in itself is not a bad thing at all, it all depends on how it is used and for what ends. 

Why is violence a good thing? 

Violence and physical force are simply part of the realities of our world. We are never going to get rid of the use of violence, or the human desire to exert physical force. Some people nowadays seem to live in a dreamland where when everyone’s soft and emotional everybody will be safe and violence will be a relic of the past. Besides the fact that this is total nonsense and you will never be able to get rid of violence entirely without putting everyone in a cage, they are in fact achieving the exact opposite of their desired effect. By making people, especially men, more emotional, and thus less stable, you get more violence. One of the most prominent emotions men have is aggression, so when you tell men to act out more on their emotions, what you will get is men using their emotions of aggression more, and this will almost always result in the use of violence.

So because the use of violence will never go away in a free society, it is important to understand that violence will be used, especially by bad people. How could violence be a good thing if it is mostly used by bad people you may ask. Well, the answer is simple. When some bad person is acting violently and is using physical force, how are you going to stop them? Are you simply going to hug that person and hope that he stops, or are you going to try to talk to someone completely immersed in an emotional state of aggression? No, of course not, that sounds stupid, and 99% of the time this method will fail. The only way you’re going to neutralize violence is with violence of your own. You have to fight fire with fire when it comes to violence. When some bad person wants to use violence on you, your family, or even on some innocent stranger, you want to be able to neutralize this violence, and thus you’re going to have to use violence of your own. If we look at violence through this lens it can actually be a good thing, and in my opinion, a necessary skill to have for good people. If we’re only going to let the bad people become good at violence and we as good people do not, then the bad people will have free rein and can do whatever they desire. If we want to be able to stop these bad people, we have to be able to use violence ourselves. But the thing is, violence is a skill, a skill that you can get very good at if you practice it. Let’s look now at the ways every one of you can become better at violence and thus better protect yourself and other people when violence occurs.

How can you become better at violence?

One of the very first requirements of being better at violence and something that will also help you in any other way in your entire life is being physically fit. Knowing how to punch or how to put someone in a choke is useless if after ten seconds of trying you’re already gassed out. Not every fight is going to be over very quickly, maybe it will take a little longer because your opponent is also skilled in violence or has some type of weapon, or you will have to run after someone to prevent them from doing more harm. If you want to be able to do this, if you really want to save yourself and your family from violence then you need to be fit enough to implement it. If you find yourself in a situation where you and your family are threatened by a man, and you and him get into a prolonged fight and you notice yourself being out of breath, you will regret not doing the necessary work to get fit for that moment. In such moments, being fit and knowing how to fight can be the difference between you and your family living or dying. Don’t be lazy and get yourself in shape so that you’re always ready for these moments.

Having the will to fight is obviously great, and being fit enough to endure a prolonged fight is even better, but all of this is useless if you don’t know how to fight. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight but you don’t know how, especially if your opponent does know how to fight, then you’re as good as dead. If you do know how to fight, however, and you’re very proficient at violence, you can take the other person out as quickly as possible with minimum damage, which is the most desired outcome. If you’re a pro you should be able to neutralize your opponent fast and without damage, if you’re not so proficient at fighting yet I wouldn’t bother about that, and just make sure you neutralize your opponent. The best way to learn how to fight is to train Martial Arts. There are tons of options out there if you want to be able to fight effectively. My favorite options for this are kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Kickboxing giv

es you the ability to punch and slip and inflict damage in a very direct way, and Jiu-Jitsu gives you the ability to use effective techniques that will neutralize your opponent fast and efficiently, without you having to make his face unrecognizable. 

What is important to note and what I want to end on is that we often forget that our life could just be over one day. One event, one mistake, one moment being at the wrong place at the wrong time and you could be done These moments may occur in your life, they may happen 10 times, or they may not happen at all. But the question is do you really want to take the chance of being totally unprepared for those moments and end up possibly using your life when they happen, or would you rather prepare yourself for these events and possibly never have to use it?

The ability to use violence can be the difference between life and death. We can’t simply hope that other people will not use violence against us, all we can do is take responsibility for our lives, accept the violent reality of the world, and prepare ourselves for that as best as possible. So when violence happens, you know what to do, and you may end up saving your life or someone else’s.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. (If you want peace, prepare for war)

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