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Society’s collapse: Short-sightedness or part of the plan?

The Western world seems to be on a decline at the moment. Every metric by which you measure a society’s success is getting worse.

Criminality is going through the roof, you’re not safe anymore on the streets because the police are so busy giving out speeding tickets that they can’t help you get stabbed and robbed; education is getting worse and worse, making children softer, making boys more feminine and girls more masculine; the wealth gap is getting bigger and bigger, and the middle class is slowly but surely disappearing. It is literally becoming have-nots and have-yachts.

So the question remains:

Is it simply short-sightedness that causes this decline, or is it all part of a larger plan?

It could be an accumulation of short-sighted solutions to problems, just fixing problems on the surface and not getting to the root of them.

Like a boat that is sinking, one hole pops up, and we just tape that hole, then another two holes pop up and we tape them, then ten new holes pop up, and on and on not getting to the real cause of why the ship is actually sinking, until eventually, the ship sinks.

That is what could be happening right now in the West.

We’re not fixing the root issues. For example: Our health is steadily declining, mental and physical health problems have never been so severe and widespread as they are now. So what is their solution? You would think It´s getting to the root issue and fixing that so that everybody can be healthy again. Think again. No, what we´re going to do is simply mask the symptoms with pills and other expensive medications and services, so that the people can experience temporary relief from their health issues. This of course means that if you take away the quick fixes, the issue is still not resolved and the problem remains, in addition, the side effects of the quick cures are often also significant.

Health is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these short-sighted solutions.

But is it all just short-sightedness? Can they simply not see the long-term results that their actions are going to have?

Or is it all meticulously planned out so that they can create a totalitarian government?

In this blog, I´m going over both possibilities to see if they have any merit. If you´d want to know my opinion, I believe it is probably a combination of both: the elites trying to gain as much control and power as possible, and companies and corrupt politicians just doing what is best for them in the short term, and not concerning themselves with what may happen in the long term.

But to fully understand what is happening, we need to go deeper into the two possibilities. So here is a deeper dive into the two possible causes for all the issues we face today:


If we assume that it is short-sightedness, we can learn a lot from history and how the internal cycles of every empire in the history of the world have played out. These cycles contain a sequence of events that always lead to the next part in the sequence, eventually coming full circle, and then starting again.

There are cycles for the rise and fall of empires that have remained the same for all of human time. From the Romans to the Chinese, to the French, to the British, to the Dutch, they all had the same cycles play out almost entirely the same.

The internal cycle of empires goes like this:

1 A phase where power is subjugated, the people who won the war, the election, or the revolution, figure out the power structure and how things are going to get decided.

What is important to note, and that mostly happens, is that after a revolution there is not going to be a just and fair government, that’s just not human nature. It is just that the winners of the revolution have the power and they get to decide. An order is created and with that, the country goes into the next phase which is…

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