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Society’s collapse: Short-sightedness or part of the plan?

The Western world seems to be on a decline at the moment. Every metric by which you measure a society’s success is getting worse and worse.

Criminality is going through the roof, you’re not safe anymore on the streets because the police are so busy giving out speeding tickets that they can’t help you get stabbed and robbed; education is getting worse and worse, making children softer, making boys more feminine and girls more masculine; the wealth gap is getting bigger and bigger, and the middle class is slowly but surely disappearing. It is literally becoming have-nots and have-yachts.

So the question remains:

Is it simply short-sightedness that causes this decline, or is it all part of a larger plan?

It could be an accumulation of short-sighted solutions to problems, just fixing problems on the surface and not getting to the root of them.

Like a boat that is sinking, one hole pops up, and we just tape that hole, then another two holes pop up and we tape them, then ten new holes pop up, and on and on not getting to the real cause of why the ship is actually sinking, until eventually, the ship sinks.

That is what could be happening right now in the West.

We’re not fixing the root issues. For example: Our health is steadily declining, mental and physical health problems have never been so severe and widespread as they are now. So what is their solution? You would think It´s getting to the root issue and fixing that so that everybody can be healthy again. Think again. No, what we´re going to do is simply mask the symptoms with pills and other expensive medications and services, so that the people can experience temporary relief from their health issues. This of course means that if you take away the quick fixes, the issue is still not resolved and the problem remains, in addition, the side effects of the quick cures are often also significant.

Health is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these short-sighted solutions.

But is it all just short-sightedness? Can they simply not see the long-term results that their actions are going to have?

Or is it all meticulously planned out so that they can create a totalitarian government?

In this blog, I´m going over both possibilities to see if they have any merit. If you´d want to know my opinion, I believe it is probably a combination of both: the elites trying to gain as much control and power as possible, and companies and corrupt politicians just doing what is best for them in the short term, and not concerning themselves with what may happen in the long term.

But to fully understand what is happening, we need to go deeper into the two possibilities. So here is a deeper dive into the two possible causes for all the issues we face today:


If we assume that it is short-sightedness, we can learn a lot from history and how the internal cycles of every empire in the history of the world have played out. These cycles contain a sequence of events that always lead to the next part in the sequence, eventually coming full circle, and then starting again.

There are cycles for the rise and fall of empires that have remained the same for all of human time. From the Romans to the Chinese, to the French, to the British, to the Dutch, they all had the same cycles play out almost entirely the same.

The internal cycle of empires goes like this:

1 A phase where power is subjugated, the people who won the war, the election, or the revolution, figure out the power structure and how things are going to get decided.

What is important to note, and that mostly happens, is that after a revolution there is not going to be a just and fair government, that’s just not human nature. It is just that the winners of the revolution have the power and they get to decide. An order is created and with that, the country goes into the next phase which is…

2 The rebuilding, or just building phase. After the power has been established and the decision-makers are in place, there is a phase of building. Building wealth, resources, building power, and building relationships with businesses or other countries. This is the phase that leads to the rise in comfort that the people get to experience, which leads into the next phase known as…

3 The prosperous phase, where the country is at its best, there is peace, there is wealth, there is innovation, everyone is productive, and everything seems to be going extremely well. This was a phase where the West was in from about 1960 to 1990. Everything seemed to be going extremely well, but this period is just temporary, in the next phase this is all going to collapse…

4 When a country becomes decadent, the people become weak, distracted, and less productive and innovative. This means that the growth of a country first stagnates, and then significantly goes down. During this period, wealth gaps also widen, as the rich want to become richer, and the government makes more debt, which it tries to repay by loaning money from the central bank. The central bank prints this money, which means there is more money available than before, and through supply and demand, this money becomes worth less and less, resulting in inflation. This makes the poor poorer and the rich richer, which will eventually lead to the next stage, where tensions arise…

5 Dissatisfaction grows amongst the populous. Things get worse, every measure by which you can measure a society goes down: education, innovation, productivity, and money that is worth less and less. The amount of people living in poverty gets larger and larger until they stand up and demand that the rich get less rich. This obviously doesn’t happen, so most of the time this leads to great conflict and civil war. Which is the next stage…

6 Chaos: Now that tensions are at their highest, the powerful don’t want to lose any of their power and the poor people are getting wrecked, conflict breaks out, sometimes violent, sometimes not. When it does become violent, the attempt is made to overthrow the government or at least revolutionize the current system. When this attempt succeeds, we start all over again, and a new order of power will be established, making the cycle repeat and repeat…

"Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos." ~ The Joker

What we notice, is that all of those governments and all of those empires have not learned from history, because the cycle just keeps on repeating. Even if you look at the last 100 years, it has exactly played out like this internal cycle, and it seems like we’re in the final stages of it.

So why does it keep on repeating?

Well, decadence is almost unavoidable. To keep a country strong, it needs resistance, but when that resistance isn’t there people are immediately drawn to comfort, that is just natural. This does result however in decadence and weakness, which you want to avoid because it inevitably leads into the next stage of the internal cycle, or it leads to a war with an external party because they see their chance as the countries with power become weaker.

This weakness often starts with the collapse of the empire's financial system:

By printing more and more money to repay its debts, the government drives down the value of the money by printing more, which results in inflation and eventually in the wealth gap becoming larger and larger. By needing more money to be able to repay the debt the government has, it has a couple of options, which are all negative. Most of them are only negative in the short term, but one of them only in the long term, but provides a short-term relief. And we all know what humans prefer…

For a long-term relief, they can let the people pay more taxes, mostly the poor and middle class, because taxing the rich doesn’t work, they will just leave and go somewhere that is cheaper. This will also result in higher unemployment which will lead to a downward cycle in itself.

Another option is to spend less money, on things we don’t need as much, but also to cut down on things we do need, this will also lead to great dissatisfaction amongst the people, but can result in a long-term positive outcome because they eventually have more money to spend, especially when there is no real cutback on innovation.

These are however not the options that are often chosen because they lead to dissatisfaction, especially in a democracy where people have to vote every couple of years. The party in power wants its people to be happy while they are in charge, the next party can clean up the mess for them, they don’t care if it goes to shit eventually, as long as they don't have to fix it.

This is the way that most empires get destroyed: from the inside out, by being short-sighted and making stupid decisions. Getting weaker and weaker internally can also result in getting attacked from the outside because if you’re a great power and in a decline, and another power is up and coming and on the rise, eventually when powers match, there can be a conflict, especially when all things internally are not going well because then people are often in a violent mood, which in turn leads to war.

But could this time be different, could it all be orchestrated from the top?

Or is it one big plan?

So what if it was a plan to gain control over us, the more sinister option of the two? If it is, it seems to be going quite well for them: making the military-aged males weak and hormonally castrating them so that they wouldn’t even think about standing up for themselves. They’re just making people weak slaves who will just comply with whatever they’re told.

And because of a strategy they adopt which has been used for ages, people don’t notice it or don’t do anything to stop it. This strategy is one of the 33 strategies of war, it’s called: ‘Take small bites’. By just taking little by little, not pushing it too far, and not taking everything at once. They just take a whole slice of the pie, and when we say: "Hey don’t do that," they just give the slice back but they’ve already taken one bite, and then they do it again and take another bite and another and another until they’ve devoured the whole pie and after the fact you ask yourself: “How did this happen?”

A great example of this that hasn’t played out yet is censoring and changing books to make them more ‘inclusive’.

Firstly they ask you to just change a few words to make it more inclusive, then they want you to change some more things to include more and offend fewer people, then eventually they ask you to completely change the background of characters and make them fit the image of inclusivity, and voila, the whole book and storyline is completely different.

That’s the way it will be going if you don’t say anything. Most people allow this because they think it’s just a small piece of the pie, but eventually, bite after bite, they’ve eaten up the whole pie and you have no clue how it happened.

So how are they trying to control us?

Well, the first thing they would need to do is create chaos and confusion, that’s what they need to implement the big stuff such as digital passports that will be connected to your bank account and social credit score.

You can only implement these things when there is so much chaos and confusion that people crave a solution, and this will be the solution that they are going to offer.

But as all the big pharma companies and other conglomerates do, they first need to create the problem, the chaos, so they can offer their solution when the people are most vulnerable to it.

Chaos leads to fear, and if people are afraid of something, they don’t think rationally but emotionally, and if you promise to relieve people of this fear with your great solution, people won’t analyze your solution logically which means you can push it on the people with ease.

"We are here to guide public opinion, not to discuss it." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

What will be the solution that they’re going to offer and how are they going to present it?

Well, they are going to be using safety, coupled with convenience.

“CBDCs are a lot safer because your money will be stored on secure servers that cannot be robbed.”

“We’re going to mandate vaccines and let everyone have a vaccine passport and anyone who doesn’t take it will be forced because you’re putting other people in jeopardy and that’s not safe.”

It’s all based on safety, and to make people want it even more, they are going to make it convenient and easy. People, by nature, are lazy. You don’t want to exert any extra effort when you don’t need to, and the globalists are going to make use of this human tendency to its full extent.

Having your passport, your bank account, and your vaccine passports all linked together in one app on your phone which you can just take out of your pocket is convenient and easy. Now you don’t need all of that paperwork but just one little device, (which we can track and control of course).

It’s safe, easy, and convenient. Sounds great right?

Well if you only mention that part it seems so, but what happens when you don’t comply with their rules? What will happen to your convenient digital ID then? Who controls these things and who decides what you have to comply with?

Well, it’s the people in charge, of course, whether it is the elite, the globalists, the super-rich, the corporations, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is that they will have full control over your life and you’ll just have to comply.

What they’ve done is taken your freedom away from you, your choices are theirs now, you’ll just have to execute their orders, but what they gave you in return is the beautiful promise of safety and convenience.

The convenience part is obviously true, but whether you have all your documents in your closet that you have to take with you or simply on your phone, it’s not going to take that much more effort to just have it analog, so the convenience part will be largely exaggerated solely for the purpose of implementing these methods of control.

The safety part will simply be false, because data on your phone can obviously be hacked, broken into, or servers can be infiltrated leading to your data being leaked to who knows who.

So is it really safe? The answer is no, but they still want you to believe it is. And if everything continues to go like it´s going right now, they will probably succeed.

Just look at the COVID pandemic, the whole premise behind the vaccine was that it was safe, well was it? Who proved that it was safe? Who really thought that it was safe?

Only the government, media, and pharmaceutical industry told you it was safe, but was it?

Well, turned out it wasn´t, it had numerous side effects and we have yet to see all the damage it will cause to people down the line: the effect it has on normal hormonal function, the numerous sudden heart attacks and brain aneurysms people are going to encounter in the near future, healthy people with no signs of these ailments before they took the vaccine.

The only thing they told you that was real was that you were protecting the people close to you right? Or was it?

Well, this was also proven to be completely false, of course. You could still spread the disease to anyone if you took the vaccine, so you didn’t protect anyone anyway.

Also, if you took the vaccine you were immune to COVID right? It couldn’t hurt you anymore.

Well, this also turned out to be false because tons of people who got the vaccine got very sick from COVID afterward, so it didn’t protect you like they promised it would.

So what was the result of you taking the vaccine: You could still get COVID, still spread COVID to others, and you poisoned yourself with a chemical substance that wasn’t properly tested and trialed and is now most likely leading to healthy people just dropping dead and getting sick and infertile.

With this example, I mean to illustrate that the safety that they are going to replace your freedom with is a fallacy. Because it is so obvious, it can only be purported on the irrational mind, and they can only do that with as many people as they like when there is chaos and fear, which they will create by making up problems and fears.

The 3-part strategy:

On a macro level, you can see in this a 3-part strategy that they’ll use to put their plan into action. It’s the problem, reaction, and solution strategy, and it is very simple yet extremely effective.

First, they pick or create a problem (COVID, climate change, etc.) and they’ll show you exactly what the problem is and why it is a problem, then they will get to the reaction part (if we don't do anything about climate change everybody dies, or if you don’t take the covid vaccine now everybody dies, everybody seems to die of anything the globalist say (it’s obviously the worst fear people have, the fear of death) and with this reaction, they will cause what they want most that will make them able to propagate their solutions on the irrational minds: fear and chaos. Once people are afraid, you offer them a solution, and they’ll swallow it either way because they don´t think.

With the prospect of new draconian COVID measures and even lockdowns, they seem to be making people more and more used to a tyrannical society. They get us used to them taking our freedoms little by little so that we won’t stand up when they implement the measures that lead to total control. If we comply now and let them use the piecemeal strategy by taking two steps forward, and one step backward each time, we won’t be able to stand up for our rights when it’s too late. I simply hope that enough people have woken up from the previous lockdowns and from all of the figures that are now becoming extremely popular like Andrew Tate, Tucker Carlson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Alex Jones who are also talking about this.

There is still light at the end of the tunnel, but only if we stand up for our rights and our freedom before it’s too late.

"Let me point out to you that freedom is not something that anybody can be given; freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be." ~ James Baldwin

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