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Learn how to become the most powerful version of yourself with these 5 laws of power. (48 Laws)

Power has become a word people want to avoid. Saying that you want to be more powerful, want more influence over people, and have more control over situations is bad, right? The reality is, however, that everyone is looking for power and influence, whether you consciously do every day, or maybe it's only subconscious. Everyone is looking for power all the time, some have the balls to admit it and some don't. Perhaps you are someone who wants to attain a powerful position in life, good. Maybe you're simply someone who wants to be left alone and not get caught up in someone else's power games, that's great too. It doesn't matter which person you are, you need to read 'The 48 Laws of Power'.

It’s a handbook on how power games are being played and ways people can be manipulated and influenced. It’s not only important to know how to play power games for your own personal gains, but also not to become a victim in the power plays of others. So it doesn't matter who you are and what your goals are, this book will be very helpful in your everyday life. Let's go over the 5 laws that in my opinion are the most important and how they will help you.

Law 11: Learn to keep people dependent on you.

The essence of this law is that you become irreplaceable. You need to become someone where there is no one who can do the things you do as well as you do. If you truly are one of a kind, how are they going to find someone else who can do the job? There are a couple of ways to start using this principle:

Firstly, you could learn valuable skills that other people need, and become really good at those skills. Make sure there is no one else who can do the job as well as you can. For example:

If you are really good at selling, and you sell the most out of everyone in your company, they want to do anything to keep you around because no one else does the job as well as you do. This will also mean that you have leverage because you have something they want. Now you can make demands to your boss and he will actually listen because he does not want to lose a valuable and irreplaceable employee.

Another way to make others depend on you is by becoming good at a mix of skills and acquiring a broad skill set that will make you more valuable in your field. This way, you make yourself irreplaceable as well by being able to do multiple necessary things well, instead of just one.

Now your boss has to hire multiple people to do a mediocre job and pay a lot more with a lot more hassle, or just pay you more to do a multitude of things that you’re already good at. It's an easy choice.

In addition to this, a very important aspect besides your skills is your attitude. A positive and ambitious attitude is a lot more valuable to the marketplace than a negative or small-minded attitude. If you have an amazing attitude, better than anybody else in your field, you will stand out, and people will want to work with you.

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