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Preparing For War:

Times are going to get a lot harder than they are right now. 

What we are experiencing right now is just the beginning.

But you don't have any control over this, you can’t change the course of the world.

There’s only one thing that you can actually control, and that is your own behavior.

You can decide to become a better person, smarter, stronger, more loving.

You can decide to prepare yourself so you’re better able to handle the coming hard times.

If you want to do that you need to pay special attention to these 5 subjects.

Without them, you won’t be ready when the storm hits:

- You should be constantly improving yourself, becoming better than yesterday, every day.

- Get your health and fitness up, because a healthy body is a healthy mind.

- You need knowledge of the playing field. What is happening in the world right now and how can I make the best moves?

- Know how people work because you’re always going to have to deal with other people. Know what drives them and figure out how they can be influenced.

- Know history, because history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. It lets you use the past to predict the future.

The War Blog is all about becoming the best version of yourself and preparing for when times get hard.

So if you're ready to begin…

"You would rise in the world?

You must work while others amuse themselves.

Are you desirous of a reputation for courage?

You must risk your life."

~Winston Churchill

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