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"Any featherhead can have confidence in times of victory,

But the test is to have faith when things are going
wrong for the time being."
~Winston Churchill

What Parabellum is About:

The War Blog is called so because of its metaphorical meaning, namely that life is war.

Life is a series of constant battles, against your circumstances, against others, and against yourself. Every day you will have to fight all kinds of different battles, whether it’s fighting your way through traffic to avoid being late to work, or fighting your own impulses to not eat that junk food while you know it tastes good. 


But every day you get to decide which battles you pick. At The War Blog, we decide that we fight these battles against our old self. The version of us from yesterday, from a year ago, even ten years ago. We fight this old self because we don’t want to be like him anymore, we want to evolve. We want to become a better version of ourselves, not stagnating, not getting worse, but constantly improving.

Every blog you read therefore is made for one purpose: making you better. Each post provides you with valuable information that you can decide to use in your life in this war against your old self. They teach you information about subjects that genuinely matter and every single person can benefit from:

Psychology so you understand how people work; History and important people and events; Marketing and sales; and how to cultivate important virtues such as courage, resilience, and strength. 

Books are some of the most important pillars of knowledge, tied with experience. That’s why some blog posts will be solely dedicated to books, giving you a summary of the most important information from them. This way you don’t have to read the whole book yourself to absorb the same information, leaving you with more time you can spend on the experience part and applying the information in the real world.


If this message aligns with you, if you want to become better, smarter, stronger, and more capable than you were yesterday, then you’re at the right place.

You can start by reading one of the blogs by clicking on the button below, or you can look at the content on my X page, where I discuss ideas and post snippets of value from the blogs we post on the website.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin:


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